Llama Reviews

Terrible app!

Negative Review by MexLite
about Llama and Smart Volume Control+ Jun 2013

Maybe it was just me- I tried this app for a week before throwing in the towel. It was terrible all around. I would set sound profiles and then it wouldn't do what I set it to do. Kind of pointless if the app doesn't do what I want right?!

I switched to Smart Volume Control--much happier now.




Positive Review by rthomas67
about Llama Feb 2012

There are enough quirks with Android and various Android devices that there WILL be something you want to automate based on where you are or what just happened in your phone (e.g. WiFi Connected). Llama gives you the power to tweak an Android based device and make it work the way you want it to. It also gives you ways to reconfigure the phone based on where you are, WITHOUT killing your battery by turning on the GPS receiver. I have used it to automate the steps necessary to detect my home WiFi and set up some special networking settings that I need to turn back off as soon as I leave the house. What used to be a 5 minute annoyance every time I arrived home or left, is now handled for me by Llama. It's possible that you won't find something useful for this tool to do for you, but it isn't likely.