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Listary is the most effective workflow enhancer you can use

Positive Review by geoffmen
about Listary Feb 2017

I've been using it for a few years now, I recommend it to all my colleagues. The app is really well done, you can specify inclusion and exclusion lists, use fuzzy matching, enter strings to search folders AND contained files, and it works in the file open / file save dialog boxes.


Best keyboard launcher on Windows 8.1

Positive Review by pixelspartan
about Listary and Default Folder X, LaunchBar Sep 2014

Coming over from using Launchbar 6 and Default Folder X on the mac, this is best replacement I've found on Windows. I'm just boggled that this gem is not really promoted as one of the must have utility add-ons. Well designed into the file explorer and powerful without being obtrusive. The keyboard shortcuts within the app make the shortcuts very easy to access. Previously tried Launchy and Executor but they never really robust enough to be productive utilities.

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It would be great if it weren't so slow

Review by endolith
about Listary Aug 2013

This would be really useful if it opened quickly and responded quickly, but as it is now, it takes more time for this thing to load than if I just navigated directly to the file manually. It locks up in the process, so it isn't very nice to work with.