Alternatives to LeDimmer for all platforms with any license

  • Turn Off the Lights for Desktop icon

    Turn Off the Lights for Desktop

    Turn Off the Lights for Desktop is a powerful, helpful app to dim your whole desktop and protect your eyes at night. Turn Off the Lights for Desktop allows you to work, play in a dark environment without damaging your eyes.

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • Window Focus icon

    Window Focus

    Window Focus highlights the current working window and dims all the others in the background.

    Commercial Mac

  • Cinemadrape icon


    CinemaDrape helps you focus on your current task on the screen (such as a video in a web page, a photo or a document editor area) by instantly blanking or dimming the other less important areas in a web page or in the background...

    Free Windows

  • TunnelVision

    TunnelVision allows you to hide the parts of the screen where your mouse cursor is not, effectively increasing privacy (though at a cost). Features: * configurable viewport shape, size * configurable color * configurable...

    Open Source Windows

  • Clutter Cloak icon

    Clutter Cloak

    Clutter Cloak is a tiny anti-distraction program for Windows XP. It is activated by a configurable hotkey, then obscures everything on the screen except the child window immediately under the mouse pointer. (By default the hotkey is...

    Open Source Windows

    • Discontinued Official website inaccessible but download still available at download sites.
  • StayFocused icon


    Stay Focused is a small app which lives in your menu bar. Its role is to help you to stay concentrate on one task without any distractions. The focus mask will always follow on every workspace. Features: - Start at Login -...

    Commercial Mac

  • Dropcloth icon


    Windows only: Instantly blank out your desktop and all of your running apps with Dropcloth, a Windows copy of previously mentioned Mac-only app Backdrop. Dropcloth is a simple application that overlays a solid colored window on top...

    Open Source Windows

  • Backdrop icon


    Backdrop is a simple utility to fill your screen with a giant blank window. Fill the window with a solid color or a custom image, your choice. This is useful for: * Screenshots - take screenshots of one or many windows without...

    Free Mac

LeDimmer Comments

No multi-monitor support

Comment by norz
about LeDimmer Aug 2013

Very nice, but if you have multiple displays, it only works for the main one: windows on the secondary display aren't dimmed.