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Are you serious

Negative Review by mustno3
about Laverna 11 days ago

I can't believe this comes in second position for one note alternative. You can't even paste pictures or latex code in this like onenote or zim. Plus this is online, you have to be always connected. How is this even on the top of the list. There MANY many other programs which will do far more than what this is doing now.


Laverna - best note web app

Review by pinei
about Laverna Mar 2015

Laverna is simple and fast to use. It's a note tool built in JavaScript to run locally in any browser.

The notes data are saved in local browser "storage". But if you want to store in the cloud to use anywhere there are integrations with Dropbox and "RemoteStorage".

RemoteStorage is a simple solution to host and sync the user data beetween the browser and the cloud. I am using the p5apps provider to keep my Laverna notes. You can have your own storage for free (still Beta) in less than 1 minute.

Laverna has no support for tables and font selection, but it supports images and task lists (todo lists).