LaunchBar Reviews

My most time-saving productivity tool

about LaunchBar and Quicksilver · ·

I never really saw what Quicksilver had over Launchbar, except being free and having a thousandfold more extensive community surrounding it – which, of course, aren't really bad things at all – quite the opposite.

However I've found Launchbar to be less crashing-prone, more minimalistic and at least equally as snappy as Quicksilver. Development is quite steady and the app feels quite feature-complete at this point.

One very considerable bonus in Launchbar (which I'm unsure is/was present in Quicksilver), is the sweet clipboard memory function, where you can retrieve/paste any of your last <40 clipboard items.

Launchbar offers a whole slew of nice features and it's perhaps my most time-saving app, all categories.