Latency Optimizer Reviews

Looks like it works

Positive Review by dog_funtom
about Latency Optimizer Feb 2015

Hard to be sure if it's this application's praise or random network behavior or placebo effect. But I tried free version's optimizing and I think huge lags that I have sometimes in MWO turned into a series of small lags. The sum of small lag series is around the hug lag duration, but it's better, because I don't end up facing unwanted direction, which is way better. I didn't encounter such series of small lags before, so it's likely because of it.
P.S.: I'm starting to consider trying the full version.


satisfied user

Positive Review by broo_x
about Latency Optimizer Mar 2013

I got it for free on their Facebook giveaway week, and this is the first and best thing I have ever got for free. I am happy and deeply recommend it!


It's very good

Positive Review by stor8or
about Latency Optimizer Sep 2012

This software can help you alot with bad performance of your internet! I got full version and i am very happy. The software does all job it supposed to do, amazing . go go go