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LastPass does not encrypt your web addresses 2 Helpful

Review by JohnFastman
about LastPass and PassIFox & ChromeIPass, KeePass, KeePassXC Nov 2016

LastPass increases your online SECURITY by:
- helping you generate and manage strong passwords
- supporting 2 factor authentication (e.g. Yubikey)
- syncing your database so you can access your passwords wherever you go.

HOWEVER, you should be aware of the downsides:
- LastPass DOES NOT encrypt the URLs (web addresses) of the accounts you have
- Therefore LastPass, and anyone who they share info with, such as govt agencies, can in principle see very easily which websites you have accounts with. This has obvious PRIVACY (not the same as SECURITY) implications, since such information could be used to profile you. (This is why LastPass is a security, not a privacy product. For more info, see here:
- LastPass is not open source, which means you cannot be sure they are implementing their security correctly. Previous weaknesses have been found, including the [LostPass]( ) vulnerability.
- LastPass syncs your password database online. Whilst your passwords and login names (and other data, but not URLs) are encrypted, it makes this a very attractive online target for hackers. LastPass take precautions against hackers stealing and being able to break into your password database, but - again - you have to trust they've done this right. Oh, and guess what... there's evidence their servers have been hacked before (e.g. in [2011]( ) and [2015]( )).
- Consider [KeePass](Small KeePass iconKeePass) (free, open-source and local) as an alternative (for Windows and Linux)
- Or, if you want something open source for Mac, Linux and Windows try [KeepassXC](Small KeePassXC iconKeePassXC) with [PassIFox or ChromeIPass](Small PassIFox & ChromeIPass iconPassIFox & ChromeIPass) for browser integration.

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Best one

Positive Review by colorgraphicz
about LastPass Sep 2016

It is a great password manager tool. In our day to day work as [web development company]( ) we use it everyday.



Negative Review by igenn
about LastPass and KeePass Jan 2016

Do not pay for such software!

  • Do not trust in commercial softwares.(You can not review it's source code or what is running in hidden.)
  • Do not get fooled by fake user reviews&promises./recommended by many pc magazines /what are silenced&owned by these companies --they must not write about free&opensource softwares [they must obey to the money]--/
  • You should use the really FREE&OpenSource KeePass instead of this huge media supported junk software.

""""There isn't a browser plugin to fill in forms""
- The linux version of KeePass sucks, you are right, does not start, crashes, i do not recommend it.
- BUT you can use the portable version for Windows with Mono-runtime on LINUX (I always did so, no difference)""
- search for KeePassRPC plugin (need to copied to browser & plugin folders)

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Positive Review by Wong_sei
about LastPass Aug 2014

Top notch indeed! and so intuitive to use. I am just getting started and I enjoy it very much.



Positive Review by gordita_de_lisoform
about LastPass Aug 2012

Lastpass is the ultimate password manager!!!!!