LastPass Reviews

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Positive Review by colorgraphicz
about LastPass Sep 2016

It is a great password manager tool. In our day to day work as web development company we use it everyday.


Commercial 1 Helpful

Negative Review by igenn
about LastPass and KeePass Jan 2016

Do not pay for such software!

  • Do not trust in commercial softwares.(You can not review it's source code or what is running in hidden.)
  • Do not get fooled by fake user reviews&promises./recommended by many pc magazines /what are silenced&owned by these companies --they must not write about free&opensource softwares [they must obey to the money]--/
  • You should use the really FREE&OpenSource KeePass instead of this huge media supported junk software.


Positive Review by Wong_sei
about LastPass Aug 2014

Top notch indeed! and so intuitive to use. I am just getting started and I enjoy it very much.



Positive Review by gordita_de_lisoform
about LastPass Aug 2012

Lastpass is the ultimate password manager!!!!!