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Last.fm is a music community website that offers personalized internet radio, using a recommendation system called "Audioscrobbler" to build a detailed profile of users based on their music tastes and interests. The service installs plugins into the user's media player and automatically profiles the songs he/she listens to. The service will offer recommendations and a 'personal' radio station based on the user's listening patterns. As of early 2009 last.fm charges... More info »

Alternative names for Last.fm: lastfm, last fm


MacScrobbler Last.fm (Opensource), iPhone, WindowsScrobbler Last.fm (Opensource), Windows Phone, Android, LinuxScrobbler Last.fm (Opensource), OnlineRequires a free Last.fm account


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I love it!

Positive Comment by Judithm about Last.fm Also mentioning: Spotify Mar 2014

For me last.fm radio is better than Spotify. Now you can listen to radio with suggestions of songs for free. Great!


I have been a member for ages yet I almost never listen the the radio. I scrubmle almost everything I listen too. I joined last.fm for the community and the stats. I love keeping track of how much music I listen too.


Sayonara player

Positive Comment by LucioCarreras about Last.fm Oct 2012

Just give sayonara player a try. It also has integrated recording functions for LastFM. Very fast, very simple.. But a lot of features. It's pretty new and promising


Last.fm is superior to Pandora and all the alternatives because of one thing: AudioScrobbling. I can't place a value on all the amazing new music Last.fm has dug up for me based on everything I listen to. Some complain about the fee (which is only for premium services), but it's dirt cheap, about the cost of one latte or energy drink. Besides how are people supposed to make a living if everything is free??


Kinda like this, but bit faster... http://www.songzilla.co.uk/


I updated the description and information on the paid subscription service. Can somebody please confirm that I got it right. Is it still free in US, UK and Germany?


Too bad libre.fm is progressing so slowly. well at least i can scrobble