Lansweeper Network Inventory Reviews

One of the best network scanning solutions

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I'm working with Lansweeper for a year now. I kind of inherited it from the previous administrator. Everything was already set up so it took me a while to figure it all out. The amount of information that is retrieved is amazing. Also the available features and functionalities are almost endless. There are a lot of possibilities that are flexible but sometimes require a bit of research.
You really should try it out. Once you set it up, you can't work without it anymore.


Everything I need and even more

about Lansweeper Network Inventory and Spiceworks · ·

Lansweeper has been scanning our company's network for some time now. I have to say that it has blown us away. A huge amount of information in a slick overview. No more adfested and sluggish spiceworks for me.
The lansweeper tool provides me with a full inventory and record of all hardware, software and product keys. Heck, it gets all changes within our network and upon problems I know just where to look at.

The new deployment feature is a most welcome addition and I don't even need to pay extra, it's included in the price.

2 words: Love IT!