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LangOver new version is wow!

Positive Review by SoftwareReviewer
about LangOver May 2015

LangOver new version is realy improved version.
Some of them like: WinKey is in new version, some has been changed for the UI modern design of Langover, and other was approved totaly.

Visit and check LangOver new version :)

[Edited by SoftwareReviewer, May 24]


Very limited shortcut customization options

Negative Review by Saynal
about LangOver Feb 2015

You can use letters, numbers and F1-F12, and Ctrl, Shift, Alt as modifiers. That's it. Windows key? Nope. Scroll or Caps Lock? Break? F13-F24? No, no, nope.

Also, very aggressive default shortcuts. Ctrl+T to Google Translate? Seriously? It's like the author doesn't use tabs in browsers.

The configuration interface is evocative of 90s software (read: ugly) and when combined with the search/translate functionality makes me think of malware.