KUKU Reviews

Great simple but effective piece of kit

Review by markstubbington
about KUKU May 2016

Ive been using kuku.io since October 2015 Ive found it really easy to use, though I must admit Iam not one for posting loads. When I've had an issue or question Ive found Alexandra one of the online agents very friendly and very helpful ( I guess there might be others -sorry).

I was lucky enough to be an early adopter so have kept some of the benefits I gained as a new user so I can connect an unlimited number of accounts to KUKU.io and publish as many posts as I need (in the free version these features are limited to 3 accounts and 150 posts respectively))

I fully agree with others in that it's really simple, quick and very configurable

I cant recommend KuKu.io enough As a small website design company I tend to have start up companies and individuals who have a small budget so have recommend and will continue to do so.

Its Grrreeeaaaat...


Very impressed!

Positive Review by matthewtraver
about KUKU May 2016

I've been looking around for a social media management tool for some time, trying a range of different ones... So far I am most impressed with Kuku.io! Their super simple and clean page layout/design is especially what attracted me the most to their service, along with providing a functional level of access for free users (although I am planning to upgrade my account soon so I can manage/post to more pages). There's still a couple features I wish Kuku had currently (such as the ability to engage/respond to comments through social media posts and an unfollow function for Instagram) - however, I was told by one of their friendly and very helpful online agents (Alexandra) that these features are being discussed. Which is great to hear :) Considering they are a new start up, I think they're doing great so far with the features/design they offer so far. I think another reason why I like Kuku is they're still a new company and very open to ideas/suggestions. I look forward seeing how this company progresses and grows in the future, I think it's going to be good!

Matt T

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kuku app

Positive Review by sloggervlogger
about KUKU Mar 2016

You guys are brilliant, love kuku! Can't believe you only have 681 likes. Common people you don't know what you're missing!


Kuku is what a social media manager should be

Positive Review by mathieucarbou
about KUKU Mar 2016

I tried several ones and Kuku is the best for me.

  1. it covers 90% of my use cases
  2. it is simple, yet configurable
  3. it is quick to use

I used it for 4 different groups, several channels.

The only drawback:

  1. Does not currently support Google+
  2. Does not currently support Instagram

Good and easy social media management

Positive Review by ruicruz
about KUKU Mar 2016

I've been using this for the last months and I can consider to be a decent app with a very simple interface.

It's easy to plan a future post and to post right away.

Kudus for the free version who is way better than most other social media management tools out there.


A young service with a lot of promise

Positive Review by lukegackle
about KUKU Mar 2016

KUKU is still young and new but it holds a lot of promise, KUKU is packed with features and truly is a powerful platform for managing all your social networks, I've had nothing but success using their service, apart from a bug with tumblr but that is something they are fixing right now, their support team is very responsive and provides exceptional service, I look forward to seeing how KUKU matures and grows in the future, hopefully expanding support for many more platforms as well.