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Kuboku is a 3D sudoku game with a 8-position cube. You have to find all missing numbers in the cube. There are 1,000 levels of increasing difficulty (Easy, Normal, and Hard) in which more and more numbers are missing. ? How to play? - Select which number is missing in the bamboo on the right. Each number from 1 to 8 can appear only once in each colored line and 2-position colored cube. - Move your finger to rotate the cube (from right to left, top to bottom...). - Pinch to zoom in and... More info »


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    Minimal Sudoku

    Freemium by Christoph Lauterbach |
    iPhone, iPad

    Minimal Sudoku is an easy to use, clutter-free classic sudoku game which is designed for iOS 7. It's ad-free and offers different levels for everybody from casual gamers to addicted masters of sudoku. ...

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    Sudoku HD+

    Free by Florian Letz |
    iPhone, iPad

    Sudoku HD+ is the best way to solve your favorite puzzles on the iPhone or the iPad! Thousands of sudokus! There are thousands of sudokus available right now. So you should not run out of puzzles to...

      Games   game, sudoku

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    Sudoku HD for iPad

    Commercial by CrowdCafè |
    Mac, iPad

    Play world’s most popular brain game on your iPad and Mac and enjoy all the best features you can’t get anywhere else – thousands of grid designs, four difficulty levels, extensive statistics, Undo & Redo...

      Games   game, sudoku

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