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very good

Positive Review by vincentoudou
about Krita Sep 2016

After near 20 years of Photoshop, since art school, going to another bitmap editor (with both photo editing and some illustration needs) was pretty hard, but i had a low cost imperative.
Gimp had mechanics too far for photoshoper's long time reflexes, and is slow as hell as i had to handle big files. Friend of me tell me about Krita, and yeah, that's do the job with big files, lot of shortcuts / tools have the same logic as photoshop, plus lot of extra for illustration. It's not really "sit and play", but far lot easier to handle than Gimp without have to relearn the software from scratch and being quickly production-ready.
Long live to Krita ! :)


Krita: The Little (Brush) Engine That Could

Positive Review by TechTornado
about Krita May 2016

I used to be an avid Photoshoper, having used every thing from Elements to Pro. But try funding that hobby (no remuneration in creative commons) when your a student. Also Photoshop was a huge drain on my system resources, so I came to this website looking for a decent replacement. I found Krita, a little open-source program that purported to be able to compete with the big boys. I had my doubts but with nothing to loose I went ahead and downloaded it. I was shocked. The interface took about 3-5 hours to learn (with a little browsing of the wiki and user manual) and once I actually started working with Krita it became apparent that it was at least as powerful as Photoshop if not Photoshop Pro, without the useless do-dads and bloatware. My favorite feature is the brush engines, their versatility save huge amounts of time and their scope is mind-blowing. Projects that used to take an hour in Photoshop take 20-30 minutes in Krita.
If you are tired of wasting time and money on features you never use that still slow down your computer and don't give you a great result, switch to Krita--I think you won't be disappointed.