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I went to buy Krita from the Windows Store but it'...

Comment by kineshamaree
about Krita · 7 days ago ·

I went to download Krita from the Windows Store but it's like $12. So much for it being free.

It's free for windows on the website.


krita for android replacement

Comment by flatform
about Krita and Infinite Painter · May 2017 ·

only real replacement for Krita on Android is Small Infinite Painter iconInfinite Painter 6. Soon out of Beta. Just try it it.


Unbelievably cool!

about Krita · · -1 Helpful

The best graphic editor for artist you can get absolutely for free!


Simply Amazing

about Krita · ·

I just discovered Krita this year, and found it to be a great painting (and even photo editing) tool.
It's a must have in anyone's Open Source collection


Available for OS X but hard to use

about Krita · ·

Krita can be run on OS X, but is very but hard to use and I had to give up using the application as it was taking me minutes to simply add some text to an image.

oh, im bad to hear that
the old krita text engine is totally shit and even developers agree to that
but krita is in a process of constant evolution, and one of the major focuses at this moment is to rework the text engine on krta
maybe you should try it again on 3.2 (i guess on july?)

im sad to hear*

Maybe I will try version 3.2 when it comes out :)


PSD-format support

about Krita and GIMP · ·

Not sure why this is not widely reported, KRITA is the only open-source graphics program to (almost) fully support the commercial Photoshop PSD format. GIMP supports only 8-bit RGB as far as I know.

KRITA is the only free program I found, allowing opening and conversion of layered PSD files, therefore the only gateway between the professional graphics processing standard and the open-source community - or simply, users, unable to afford massive license fees.

The development version of GIMP 2.9.2 now support these:

16/32bit per color channel processing
Basic OpenEXR support
On-canvas preview for many filters
Experimental hardware-accelerated rendering and processing via OpenCL
Higher-quality downscaling

Yeah but gimp has that horrible, horrible interface.


Version 2.8.0 out today - first release that is ready for end-users on Windows

Comment by tabakis
about Krita · Mar 2014 ·

Krita is geared more towa artists rather than photographers ...

Comment by HomeyD5
about Krita · Jun 2011 · 1 Helpful

Krita is geared more towa artists rather than photographers, and has a toolset which reflects that. While a number of photography-specific tools are missing, Krita can still be a very powerful photo editor when suplemented by another program to handle the basic raw conversion and curve editing. The fact that Krita supports deep color gives it a big advantage over GIMP, at least until the next full version release of GIMP.