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KeyNote NF is a flexible, multi-featured tabbed notebook, based on Windows standard RichEdit control. It's always accessible with a single keypress, even if you work in another application. The basic idea in KeyNote NF is that you can include many separate notes within a single file. This means that you do not need to open several files - for most purposes it is enough to create only one file and hold all your notes inside it. With the addition of the tree-type notes, you now have a... More info »

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In short, KeyNote NF is the best, most full-featured tree outliner software that is portable, less than a 5 MB download, and consumes less than 5 MB of memory.


this is the most important program on my computer. totally dependent on it. been using it for over 10 years when it was just keynote. this is the reason i don't consider switching over to any other operating system besides windows. it does run decently in linux using wine. my dream is to have this program availabe on my android smartphone. or an android tablet. i just want this program with me wherever i am. yes, i have tried over 20 other program of this nature. but i can't find any to rival it. the most intriguing but far more cumbersome program is PersonalBrain. personalbrain allows me to store my info in a more nonlinear fashion. but the interface isn't as fast and obvious as keynote. love this program.