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I have done a fair bit of poking around looking for the ultimate software for key remapping and in ATNSOFT Key Manager i have found it and much more. Where it excels is two fold. I used use "Razer Synapse" with my Razer keyboard but while it looked pretty i found the macro recording very clunky and tiresome, so i decided to see if there was any 3rd party software out there to take over. Key Manager is super intuitive and i had zero trouble using it and within 20 seconds i was aware of what it could do, how to do it without fuss. so besides remapping a key it can assign 11 different function to any given key on your keyboard. It separates into a key sequence, key blocking, text typing, paste whatever is saved, launch any program or folder on your pc, open a webpage of your choosing, start an email and a range of windows commands.

But the best is yet to come, i have now streamlined my PC navigation/use with Key Manager final and best feature in making your own popup menu. The possibilitys are endless and i now have a key remapped ( for me middle mouse button) that when hit presents a menu of anything i could possibly need, from programs to windows files or folders. With this i have an amazingly accessible menu at my fingertips that allow me to open the web browser, open word document, 3 different ones for various windows folders. Essentially has revolutionized my desktop navigation nd made it amazingly fast. Also my mother is not quite as adept with computers but now with a pop-up menu i tailored for her she can now access all the functions she needs and even access a document I've set up with various bits of info of relevance. So whether your a heavy PC user or a casual browser, Key Manager is the answer to a streamlined satisfying computer use experience.

Hey if your a sceptic, go to their website and try the demo version for free and get hooked on this amazing piece of software, check it out!

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