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Never saw it

Positive Comment by Robis
about Kdenlive and OpenShot Mar 2016

I used Openshot for over half a year. I got tried of it's bugs and crashes.* Why didn't i see this earlier ???* This is so much more awesome and I worked on it for over 2 hours, and it didn't crash or lag even once.
Totally recommend it :)


Blender 3D 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by robinmcburnie
about Kdenlive and FFmpeg, Audacity, GIMP Sep 2014

Please don't forget Blender 3D!

Although the built-in NLE is not as advanced as Kdenlive at first sight. I can't find an open source NLE to match Kdenlive on Windows (I use Kdenlive all the time on my Linux machine), however Blender is available on the Windows platform.

Once you've got used to it, you can do almost anything that can be done in the top-end packages by getting your work flow in the right order. Blender has an amazing compositor too. Be prepared to use a lot of disk space during the edit as it is best to save each frame as an uncompressed, or lossless compressed file, this allows great freedom to work on sections of you're video.

It allows more choices (usually via ffmpeg, etc) of container / codec formats than most. It also supports a large range of resolutions and frame rates, including user defined ones.

On top of all that Blender 3D is a full featured 3D animation package!

So under Windows GIMP + Blender 3D.

Under Linux GIMP + Blender 3D -> Kdenlive (for final assembly and some FX/Transitions).

Oh and Audacity for sound fx, etc.

If I want 5.1 audio, I use Audacity to output the final audio file and stitch them together using ffmeg or a DVD Authoring package.


Best multicam editor

Positive Comment by PeFClic
about Kdenlive Jul 2014

I was looking for an affordable solution in order to synchronise two or more video tracks and one audio track recorded with a pro gear. I've tested many software and I've found that this synchronisation operation was the discriminant between pro and consumer software (understand cheap or rather expensive software) !
Now, with Kdenlive, synchronising all these tracks is a matter of selecting the audio track as reference and to sync the others according to the former : three clicks no more !
It's also very simple to show one or an another video track in the final movie according to the selected angle.
Best editor so far for me.


Really good

Positive Comment by impossible
about Kdenlive Sep 2013

I was able to easily edit a video and it has nice features. Effects and all. I recommend this to GNU/Linux users


After trying Kino, Lives, PiTiVi and Avidemux, I came upon ...

Comment by akelm
about Kdenlive Jun 2011

After trying Kino, Lives, PiTiVi and Avidemux, I came upon Kdenlive. While they all got the pixel aspect ratio for video from my Canon FS200 wrong, Kdenlive allows me to easily change this parameter. It even reads the native .MOD files produced by the camera. Kdenlive's interface is intuitive and powerful.


I liked the software and preferred it over Kino which is bu ...

Comment by Akutaj
about Kdenlive Jun 2011

I liked the software and preferred it over Kino which is bundled with Ubuntu. Its a non-linear Video editing suite. The software is akin to Windows Movie Maker but is more powerful. It has many effects and filters, and after you finish editing it has the option of making, VCD, DVD, Mpeg-I, or Mpeg-2 file.