KanbanTool Reviews

very useful

Positive Review by tiagomeireles
about KanbanTool Mar 2017

Kanban Tool is a helpful app for project management, makes task organization very clear and visible, offers many options to monitor the progress and results of the work. Really worth trying out.


Kanban Tool

Positive Review by kasiakubiak
about KanbanTool Sep 2016

Kanban Tool ist ein der beste Werkzeuge dieser Art. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt habe ich nicht perfektes gefunden. Die Aufgaben, Design der Webseite, Kommunikation mit Team machen, dass dieses Tool ständig verwenden will. Wenn jemand irgendwelche Zweifel daran haben, so muss er dieses Tool ausprobieren. Und ich kann versprechen, dass er sicherlich nicht enttäuscht sein wird!


My favorite Kanban tool

Positive Review by angellla23
about KanbanTool May 2016

I've been using KanbanTool for over a month now, and, even though I was skeptical at first (my manager announced we would be introducing it in my company and I was like "How Kanban boards can help us?") but soon I realized that it is much more than a simple online Kanban board. Seamless time tracking, lots of different options like attaching files and to-do lists or assigning tasks are only a few of great features KanbanTool offers. Additionally, you can use application for Android and have your boards with you at all times.


very effective

Positive Review by CarlTheRambler
about KanbanTool Nov 2015

I went into trying kanban tool as a skeptic, but it actually does work very well. I found that my mind had stopped wondering for as long as I had a plan on my Kanban board and went on at getting the tasks done one by another. It does work.
I'm also finding the daily work summary emails quite gratifying, seeing how much I managed to get done every day is great. I'd recommend it to all procrastinators out there!


Love this app

Positive Review by alissahackett
about KanbanTool Nov 2015

It's easy, friendly and supporting. I finish my every day at work with an e-mail from Kanban Tool telling me how much work I've done. Quite motivating, I like it.


Perfect teamwork app ;)

Positive Review by wilmerkaplan
about KanbanTool Oct 2015

The management in my firm implemented KanbanTool a few months ago, and now there is nobody near me that could imagine working without this tool. Brilliant impact on productivity and communication between teamworkers and management. What more, it's cheap, easy to use, and the most importand, positive effects are easy to see from the first use.


Kanban Tool at work

Positive Review by lauradchancey
about KanbanTool Sep 2015

I am using Kanban tool for a few months already, and I must say - my team never worked better. In my team people are from age 28 to 47 and all them seem to enjoy using this app. It's so simple and intuitive, that no one has any problems with working with this! My team work more efficient now, I can check how is everything going even if I'm not at office. I think it's brilliant. It helped me, It helped my team. I strongly recommend it.


Kanban Tool Makes Work Run Smoothly

Positive Review by James5698
about KanbanTool May 2013

Web based applications for time and task management become recently very popular. Everybody wants to be more productive and to achieve better results. Online boards are perfect for those people who want to take he minimal effort to achieve the maximum result. Kanban Tool offers you an extremely intuitive solution. You do not need much time to learn how does it work! Kanban Tool helps you to plan and organize tasks. It provides insightful analytics and reports that deliver valuable data about the workflow. Thanks to Kanban Tool I discovered that decreases my productivity. Using online Kanban boards you can also collaborate with your team in the real time. I can share documents and comments with my co-workers even if I stay at home. I recommend Kanban Tool!