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Positive Review by QueryVillain
about JoyToKey Jul 2016

Works perfectly with PS2 clone gamepad. Only thing that was not correctly recognized from beginning was second analog stick's Y axis.
Easy to use interface with multiple profiles that you can copy/rename. Switching between them is also easy, you can even map a button for that

Pretty powerful keyboard mapping. Up to 4 keyboard keys can be assigned to single button. Auto-repeat, function change based on how long key is pressed or switching functionality after each press.
Mouse support (AntiMicro has more powerful settings for this, but I am fine with basic sensitivity and direction assignment)
Those annoying "switched profile" sounds / image overlays can be disabled. Overlays in global settings and sounds in each profile settings11

Comparing with AntiMicro, this takes only 7 MBs of disk space (antimicro was 50 for me) and < 10 MB RAM. As with AntiMicro JoyToKey is also portable.

Highly recommend