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When I dialed the number located on Joomag's website to try and reach customer service/customer support, I reached the Sales/Marketing Department where I spoke with a "Manager" named Edgar Harue. Because they were not the correct department, I asked to be transferred to the customer support department. Well you can imagine my surprise and frustration when he explained to me that it was "impossible" due to the fact that Joomag does not have a direct number for "Customer Support".

I can't express how much frustration I have with this company's lack of "customer support". Emailing and chatting is NOT a decent enough support system! I've actually taken to their 24/7 Live Chat where the ending response was "We will contact you within 24 hours". People that are spending money should be able to speak with a live person who can answer their questions about their account, no matter how much they're paying for their subscription. To quote Mr. Edgar Harue "we have about 3,790 customers all over the world, it's impractical to help them all individually". Wow - that is the essence of a great company isn't it??

Well I'm sure I'll be hearing from some "representative" of this horrible company "within 24 hours", because customer priority is of the utmost importance to Joomag; I won't hold my breath.

To any current Joomag customers: I dare you to call in and ask a simple question regarding your account (all I wanted to know was if my current hard copy order went to print or not, just a yes or no)...then share your experience.