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Has gotten more powerful than earlier versions- Make sure to download clean version directly from their board for now

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I've used this program for years and years, and it's always been useful for downloads that go off of sites that use capchas. Those sites are sometimes confusing about which link to click because there are ad links that look like download links on them. Jdownloader takes care of that by just giving you the capcha upfront.

The handling of those download pages seemed to have improved in this new version.

Right now as I'm writing this, they're still developing version 2, and they offer a clean adware-free version directly from their message board (it's in the file description above).


A must have tool for your tool belt

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If you use any download sites you need to at least try it. sure it has a high memory foot print but would you rather manually go through the rats nest click feast that most download sites uses these days or simply add the download to your queue?

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Do NOT use this.
It installs toolbars even if you tell it NOT to,
and then it runs resource-hogging software in the background
EVEN AFTER you've uninstalled the toolbars.

(Google SweetIM.exe!)

Not only that, it can't even capture the links on a page that others can.


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Good for file hosts, but not perfect

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You know how those pesky filehosters like RapidShare always make you wait a minute or so before you can download a file, make you fill out tedious captchas (quite irritating for a 35-part file!), enforce quotas by IP, and overall act like irritating jerks? JDownloader fixes that problem, by serving as an interface between you and the hoster: You give it a bunch of links, it resolves them, checks if they are online, solves the captchas (yeah, the ones that are supposed to keep out automated programs =D), downloads with pause/resume support, packages everything in a nice folder, automatically extracts multi-part archives and so on. You can even give it a password if the archive will be passworded.

Another nifty feature is, if your ISP gives you a dynamic IP address (so that you can change it by power-cycling the modem) then JDownloader can do THAT for you as well, automatically, whenever it detects that your IP's quota is up!

Lastly, if you have premium accounts for some sites, you can give the login info to JDownloader and it will automatically use them as needed. In all, this program is an enormous improvement over just clicking the links and downloading things yourself. However...

  • It's in Java. Now normally, Java isn't necessarily slow. But for whatever reason, JDownloader tends to take ages to start.

  • Gets easily confused by HTTP (non-filehoster) downloads, especially if there is some php/redirection business going on. You'll need a separate download manager for that.

  • The captcha recognition doesn't really do much good, as everyone is switching to reCAPTCHA. The JDownloader devs refuse to even consider adding reCAPTCHA solvers (understandable as they think it will undermine spam protection and so on, but rather hypocritical of them to make an exception for reCAPTCHA), so most of the time you have to enter captchas yourself anyway. Unfortunately there's no way to just fill in captchas in advance either, so you get popups whenever a download is about to start, which can be annoying when it happens while you are playing a full-screen game.

  • The extraction plugin is not throttled and is very greedy about resources, you will get a mysterious, minutes-long (depending on archive size) slow down whenever JDownloader finishes a set and begins extracting. Very annoying when it messes up a movie you are watching by causing stuttering.

JDownloader is probably one of your best options if you need to download from file hosters despite the above. I recommend checking out Mipony, though: It is pretty much the same thing, except slightly uglier (not that JDownloader's Java UI is beautiful) and much faster (I believe it is in C++, and it shows).


Browser Toolbar?! Search Engine Replacement?!

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Strangely enough after installing this, even though I was not asked, my Chrome started searching Bing and next time I run FireFox I find a toolbar?!?! What a load of crap! This is no way to force your users to make you money.


Supports lots of premium hosting

by Rescenin
about JDownloader · Jun 2011

+Supports lots of premium hosting.

+Good download management, like links bundle.

-Heavy apps and slow download even when using pro account.


Very good software for managing downloads.

by niteshasdow
about JDownloader · Jun 2011

Very good software for managing downloads. Lots of 1-click hosts supported. Constantly updated. Lots of feature.
Feature I like the most: Reconnect (reset Internet IP address)
I previously used it on Windows (XP, Seven) but now I mostly use it on Linux; works the same on both platforms.
Some people will complain that it uses a lot of memory as it runs on top of Java.
I guess java allows jDownloader to be cross platform and be developed faster, but java is bloated (same as .Net).
If you do not have a lot of RAM, I recommend limiting the number of simultaneous downloads.
Caution for Windows users: only get your download link from official site http://jDownloader.org