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Excellent User Interface/Experience

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This app provided me a really simple way to get a comprehensive overview of disk usage. There is an overall overview of disk usage by file type (it is excellent at classifying individual file types; it even recognized my VirtualBox VMs. However it didn't understand git repositories .git tree as one type of file). There is also an overview of usage by directory; both of these combined help you effectively drill down into and safely delete the useless cruft that builds up over time using a computer. I also really like that this is a Java app that will run on any platform, so I can get the same user experience across Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X (previously, I had used WinDirStat, Disk Usage Analyzer, and Disk Inventory X on each platform, respectively). On Mac OS X, I like that it instantly detects when you've deleted a file on the file system so it can update its display. I don't like that you cannot delete files directly from the the app, but this is a minor inconvenience.

Overall, an excellent piece of software that should get more attention!