Jaikoz Reviews

The Best For Single Files

Review by Norman
about Jaikoz Mar 2017

Many automatic database sourced tagging programs can perform in tagging album grouped files but this is the only software that I have used that can successfully manage to completely identify and tag single, non-grouped files. Absolutely the best in this regard.


Does what I need to, very well

Positive Review by bigbobbyboogie
about Jaikoz Apr 2014

After playing around with a lot of different taggers, I settled on Jaikoz. Musicbrainz Picard was close, but far too complicated for the simple tasks I wanted to perform. Jaikoz is awesome. I have a huge library, and it really lets me manage all the tags just as I want them, not how digital music providers think they should be. I am regularly amazed and shocked at how poorly-tagged purchased music is. You'd think since you are paying for a digital copy of a file, the least the provider could do is tag it correctly!! Thanks to Jaikoz, my files are the way they should be.