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Bad Installer at the time

about Jahshaka · ·

I installed this program and it overwrote my system path variable. I was rather displeased with this. A couple people had mentioned the same problem in the forums, but it was either ignored, or the people running the project need to improve their communication. Post was in September, 2 months before I had the issue. Can't really write a review since I never really used the program, but thought it would be good to mention the installer issue.


I completely agree with Aaron. "Jahshaka" will ne ...

Comment by Akutaj
about Jahshaka · Jun 2011 ·

I completely agree with Aaron. "Jahshaka" will never achieve the aim it wants to with this kind of confusing program.


To be honest I have tried this program off and on for years ...

Comment by Aaron
about Jahshaka · Jun 2011 ·

To be honest I have tried this program off and on for years, and I still cant quite figure it out. It has some nice effects but not a lot, but it is very confusing. Just adding one video and one effect is difficult. I would recommend ANY other program, because this one is too jumbled and hard to figure out and is not the nice and easy interface it would need to be.