iTunes Reviews

The worst program on my computer

Review by vectorspin
about iTunes Jun 2016

So many annoyances, so little time. Slow, bulky, difficult to use/navigate, and works VERY poorly with my iPod and iPhone. It insists on keeping copies of everything, saves music to weird folders, and just has NO idea how to let me manually manage my devices, which invariably have FAR less space than my full music collection. Apple cut off all other managers years ago and basically made this garbage program the only gateway to their reasonably good hardware. If I never use this program again, it'll be a good day.


Where's My Stuff ;)

Negative Review by Jang
about iTunes Dec 2015

I uploaded video content to itunes. Some of it is in home videos, some in tv shows, and others just all over the place. Can't it all go to one place!?!?


The UI is terrible

Negative Review by coryz40
about iTunes and Zune Software Aug 2015

It feels like a file browser, it doesn't feel like a media player. It's also got some strange quirks, like, if you edit the metadata outside of iTunes, it won't recognize it immediately on its own. The Zune desktop software, on the other hand, always checks for changes. If you're on Windows and you want to try something else for browsing and listening to music, I strongly recommend that you try out the Zune software. Even though Groove Music has sort of taken over, the software is still available and works fine. Just note that you obviously can't sync to your iPhone with it.