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So terrible, I have iPhone but i don't use it since i bought it and restored it and then uninstalled it. I install apps from appstore, I prefer to buy/download musics by third party apps instead of iTunes. iTunes is really slow, User Interface is not too bad. But syncing and copying files are really slow. I purchased a file manager and i import music to my iPhone without cable or iTunes. So easier than importing to library, Syncing then preventing to connect to other PCs because of music loss.


like it

Comment by cassiedonell01
about iTunes · Jul 2016 ·

i have had iphone for such a long time and i like using the itunes to put my music, manage my apps and everything


not a fan

Comment by rondapuck1206
about iTunes · May 2016 · 2 Helpful

i don't like it anymore, i think they should change the way it manage my content on the phone.


hate it

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i don't think is usefull, i mean i'm attached to it in order to have music on my apple stuff, it's time to move on to something easier.


iTunes alternative that supports multiple genre tagging?

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I'm ready to ditch iTunes for a lighter, simpler music player - Ecoute, Vox, Tomahawk & Clementine all look good to me - but the one feature I REALLY want in my music player, aside from smart playlists, is the ability to tag songs with multiple genres.

Can anyone recommend a player - one of the ones I mentioned, or another one entirely - that has this feature? So sick of agonising over assigning genres and losing hours of my life! Thanks!


Is it any way to listen and convert midi files with iTunes?

Comment by AbJake
about iTunes · Feb 2015 ·

Maybe its a silly question, however there is a mess in other forums about that. I didn't find the way to add midi melodies ti iTunes or to convert them somehow to listen. It looks like iTunes just doesn't recognize files?


Back to 2000s

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  1. iPhone is still tied to computer. It is sad. Result of Apple services monopoly - is minor number of custom players in iTunes store. You are to listen via standart Music App. You are to buy Music in apple's store or to syncronize with computer
  2. Well, to all the above it is glitchy and sluggish

A grand media player (though broken for Windows)

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I am a huge fan of all Apple products and software (they're just so meticulously designed, beautiful and purposeful). iTunes is a fantastic app for both managing media and enjoying it. The built-in Store is just a huge bonus.

Two problems with iTunes:
1. Application opening performance in Windows- Opening iTunes in Windows is a big deal! Once you do, don't close it, just minimize it.
2. Lack of codec support- If you have multimedia files in different formats and codecs, iTunes is just not the media player for you, especially with all the free open source media players hitting the web.

But those things aside, it is a stellar app, which makes even more sense on Mac OS X. I could try recommending other players, but they're nowhere near easy to use and beautifully designed. Though I would like to recommend Pot Player -- A player that reads even more formats than VLC (that's right), gets frequent updates, mind-bogglingly feature packed and amazingly customizable. It too has problems though - no library management and a horrible user interface.


Okay if it works for you

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It doesnt do it for me, I dont see myself getting another iPod so I guess im done with iTunes and all the times since I first used it, it has given me problems. It is indeed slow, not sure about how slow it may be on Macs. Its heavy and just always gets in my way.


Hate itunes

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One of the reasons I hate apple products, itunes software. :/

I totally approve. it's slow, inconsistent, may be hazardous to your music collection, etc...
Its clear that the main purpose is to make you BUY at apple store, not to manage your collection eg noway to retrieve covers, words, etc..
And the player itself is crappy: you cant handle your collection while playing a playlist, it will be interrupted evry time you select a tune..
The only good thing is the AirPlay feature... when it works...

iTunes is a powerful media manager for Mac. It's slow on windows.



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It is a nice program, nice GUI, and layout. But it is just another way for apple to have control over everyone, you will do everything their way, how they want. And being most of us use Ipods, we don't even have a choice. Think about it.


Great stuff!

Comment by Mary
about iTunes and CopyTrans Manager · Jul 2011 ·

Thx to this page, I finally found a great alternative to iTunes that runs on my netbook without slowing down everything! Started to sync my iPod and iPhone only with this tool and will soon (waiting for iOS 5) :) uninstall iTunes from my Desktop. Thanks again! Oh, what I'm talking about? -> Small CopyTrans Manager iconCopyTrans Manager

You should have tagged Copytrans in this post aswell. But awesome to hear that you have found a great alternative to iTunes. Apple really have to do a total makeover of iTunes.


Crap. I usually try to remain objective in my reviews, but ...

Comment by SaltyMarshmellow
about iTunes · Jun 2011 ·

I usually try to remain objective in my reviews, but seriously... this is bad.

It is not hard to deduce that I use foobar2000, but I would honestly recommend Windows Media Player (I will get to the OS X version in a bit) over this.
It is expensive, buggy, slow, restrictive... the only reason to use this is if you have an iPod... Oh wait! Amarok and Winamp have native iPod support and foobar2000 has support via "iPod Manager for foobar2000" And just in case you don't like any of those, just go here: ofiPod_managers

Albeit, I can say from my (limited) experience that the program does run smoother on Mac OS X, but it still either can't register or sometimes even deletes metadata (Artist, album, cover art, etc.). The store is still more expensive than Amazon mp3, the files you obtain still have a DRM code (which limits conversion, use, etc.) and if you put music on an iPod using iTunes, you cannot transfer the music from the iPod to another computer... or even the SAME COMPUTER after reinstalling the operating system.

Also if you are older than 13, they can sell your personal information...

So please, don't use it. Seriously.


I'm been upgrading everything to ALAC and wondered if there ...

Comment by chuckkahn
about iTunes · Jun 2011 ·

I'm been upgrading everything to ALAC and wondered if there's a quick way to select all old mp3s for deletion because a superior ALAC version exists.


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