iSpring Suite Reviews

Great piece of software! Very intuitive and easy to get started creating eLearning.

Positive Review by davemiles
about iSpring Suite 13 days ago

I really like the iSpring Suite. Low barrier of entry - intuitive to use. Very nice. Lots of great features being added quite often. They are always working on adding new features (such as branching scenarios, etc.).


iSpring: Reliable, powerful - but easy to learn & use

Positive Review by himarksolutions
about iSpring Suite Apr 2017

I have been working as a Training Consultant for almost 10 years and discovered iSpring 4-5 years ago. It is the most reliable eLearning tool that I use - and I have used just about all of the major eLearning tools over the years. There are virtually no surprises/disappointments after clicking Publish in iSpring, no matter what the LMS is or what device my learners are using. Also, it is extremely easy to use, and if you need help or guidance, their Customer Support team is outstanding.


iSpring Suite 8 : Create easy to share content with great ease !

Positive Review by tusharmaniar
about iSpring Suite Apr 2017

As a free lancer medical educator who runs a free website of pediatric medicine, iSpring suite comes as a God's gift.
I have been an iSpring suite user for more than 4 years.
I have used it for converting powerpoint presentation into files which can be seen on any browser. We run a free educational website for pediatric residents and medical students as well as doctors.
The Quiz creation option is very easy to use. NO Training is needed.
It lets you and the student see the response of the quiz. It allows integration of images as well. One could do easy import from an excel file to create more quizzes by mix and match.
The HTML 5 converter option gives flexibiltiy for your content to be used on desktop, mobile or tablets.
I am a pediatrician by training and could manage it easily. The iSpring support team is awesome and very prompt.
I am from India and find the cost on the higher side especially as it is a free website.
There are many more features which have not been explored fully. I would highly recommend iSpring for its ease of use, variety of applications, HTML5 and new features that are added regulary.


Likely the only software you will need for course creation in PowerPoint

Positive Review by clarkmorgan
about iSpring Suite Mar 2017

I've been using iSpring Suite for 3 years now. As with a lot of my software purchases, my interest in this tool was spurred by frustration with the previous tools I had used. Previous software in this category had consistently fallen short in very significant ways. Even 3 years ago, iSpring Suite remedied all those issues for me; but not content to rest on their laurels, they have actively and substantially improved their product over and over again. I can't remember the last time I needed to fire up Captivate or Storyline. iSpring has replaced them at a fraction of the cost.

This suite is a bundle of useful tools centered around an application that lets you turn existing PowerPoint presentations into web AND mobile friendly eLearning solutions that communicate with LMSs incorporating the well documented SCORM and AICC standards, iSpring's own LMS or as is often the case for me, a hand-rolled custom solution.

Audio and Video synchronization with slides, one of the most tedious parts of this work, is made effortless by iSpring's thoughtful and robust interface. Animations implemented in PowerPoint are duplicated and rendered seamlessly in the final product. Quiz creation is a snap. Player customization is easy. Everything you need is here. As a web developer for over 20 years, I could do a lot of this work from scratch; but only at great cost in time and other resources. iSpring frees me up to focus on the jobs that really require those skills. My clients are consistently impressed with the output.

One final word on the subject: iSpring is so well done, I have rarely had need of their support for anything; but on the two occasions in 3 years that I have had an inquiry - their responses have been prompt, courteous, professional and most importantly, effective. iSpring really engages with their users in a meaningful way to continually improve existing features, add new requested features and make my life as a content creator and developer better. I give this software and the company behind it my highest recommendation.


iSpring Suit is a great and easy to use tool for e-learning

Positive Review by ivetta-net
about iSpring Suite Feb 2017

In 2016, my company, AG Experts, decided to take its corporate training to a new level. Right from the start, it was clear that we should give up traditional classroom-based teaching methods, which are not that effective when you have branch offices in more than 70 cities all around the country. Hence, we decided that we want to establish our own online training system, a one that will be engaging and relevant for both newcomers and experienced employees. After a thorough research we did, comparing e-learning products available on the market, we’ve purchased iSpring Suite (a desktop tool) and a subscription for iSpring Learn (LMS). We've started to use them both immediately and in no more than a week, built our first course that comprised slides with video lecture, YouTube videos, a manager-client dialogue simulation, interactive FAQ, and a post-assessment quiz. I’ve uploaded the course to iSpring Learn and assigned it to our employees which was the first annual online training attempt we’ve ever made. It felt scary at first, but once I’ve started to receive feedback from our employees, it was clear that they liked this training. Actually, they liked it way more than the traditional classes we held before. And not to mention that reports generated by the LMS saved tons of time spent on data analysis. In fact, what took me 4 months before (estimating training’s positive impact), now I’ve managed to finish in 30 days.
It took me some time to learn all the features but since I knew PowerPoint before I even heard about iSpring, it was easy to become a course developer with iSpring Suite. I’d recommend iSpring to all business owners, who want to launch corporate online training but not sure where to start from. Their customer care team will be helping you throughout the whole process. At least, that’s what we experienced so far.


Allen Quesada, Ph.D, ESL Teacher- iSpring Suite: Easy to use Authoring tool

Positive Review by allenquesada
about iSpring Suite Feb 2017

As an ESL teacher and instructional designer, you dont have much time or knowledge in programming when building and developing elearning projects. I have found in iSpring suite and its Team the perfect combination to develop professional-looking e-materials, with little investment in time, money and resources. iSpring Suite is a user-friendly authoring tool that has it all: ease of use, themes and an out-of-this-world support team who will help you efficiently and with charisma. I´m very pleased with our choice of iSpring Suite and with its super responsive, experienced, intelligent and caring customer support team!!!

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Easy to use - great-looking end-product

Positive Review by mas_edev
about iSpring Suite Jan 2017

I’ve used iSpring to develop various eLearning content: standard eLearning with general images and audio; enhanced content with customized media and interactions; and complex interactions with extensive branching and highly-customized feedback.


iSpring is a great development tool and allows even non-coders the ability to create nice-looking and interactive content. Anyone familiar with PowerPoint can use iSpring to create very cool stuff. Though it does not allow creation of "triggers" at a global-level, like some other authoring tools do, iSpring can be indeed extended with customized JavaScript code snippets, scripts, and libraries.

Quizzes, Interactions, & Simulations

This is where iSpring really shines. There are several types of quiz and question types to choose from; additionally, you can further enhance these with audio and video, which are easy to add. You can also create very specific branching in a number of ways: through quiz results; by slide; or (my favorite) using iSpring's TalkMaster Conversation Simulation Tool.


Another strong point, as there are many publishing options. Publishing the content as HTML5 is seamless and looks great across several devices and platforms. The publish settings for LMS communication are robust and straightforward. Additionally, the player itself is highly customizable to match your needed visual needs.


iSpring is a great tool, easy to use, offers many robust interactions to keep learners engaged, and looks good across many devices (i.e., desktop; mobile; etc.). It's a really useful tool to keep in your arsenal (for content development) and clients like the ability to make changes in the familiar territory, PowerPoint.


As easy as ABC

Positive Review by allatriz
about iSpring Suite Jan 2017

Here’s my story of getting to know this tool. Right after I purchased iSpring Suite, I’ve suddenly met quite a serious deadline within the University. I had to quickly develop 16-hours course, and it seemed really difficult to do that with a new tool! After some practice, I realized that iSpring is as easy as ABC.
I finished up even creating the ads for the course itself within iSpring, and we got about 300 learners signed up for the course in just a week. That’s how I completely changed the way I used to create eLearning courses!


Georgia McKinnis, Marketing Director, Click 2 Save Benefits

Positive Review by billtrinkner
about iSpring Suite Dec 2016

As the Marketing Director of a nationwide travel club I am required to prepare presentations for our sales reps at the drop of a hat. What is so nice is I can prepare a presentation in ppt and then with the click of the mouse I can change the presenters name and location address in a matter of 2 minutes and then 10 minutes later it is up on line ready for the rep’s presentation. It just doesn’t get any simpler than that. Incidentally, our reps feel these presentations are worth their weight in gold compared to the old days when they had to rely on YouTube videos, which so often would boar their prospects to tears. Now our presentations are all completely interactive. If a prospects is only interested in cruises and could care less about hotels and condos we can simply click on a menu button and skip right to what the prospect needs to see to be sold. Yes, we love iSpring. Couldn’t live without it!