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iobit uninstaller

Review by AkagamiShanks
about IObit Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller Apr 2017

It is a better alternative to revo uninstaller which I used a lot before. Its a great app but uninstalling multiple apps at once causes an issue...


The installer is TOO quick!

Review by Danilo_Venom
about IObit Uninstaller Jan 2016

You CAN'T be careful during the installation of this program: it's just a couple of checks and one single button to click.

Very quick, but I'm not sure if they bundle third-party softwares with their program!


Virus detected by

Review by namgivu82
about IObit Uninstaller Aug 2015

I just scan virus, via, the installer downloaded from [official site]( ) and 3 viruses detected as reported [here]( ).

[Edited by namgivu82, August 18]


A great way to uninstall

Positive Review by Krimsun
about IObit Uninstaller Jul 2015

Was using revouninstaller, moved to this. I happen to like this one more because it cleans deeper in to the apps to remove that left over crud.


A great alternative to Revo Uninstaller

Positive Review by TheRaven7
about IObit Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller Oct 2012

Revo Uninstaller was the first solid third-party uninstaller on the market. There were some bargain bin applications years before it but not nearly as effective. Unfortunately, Revo has opted not to stay with the times. The Free version of Revo is rarely if ever updated; it is 1.94 while the pro version is 2.5.9. On top of this, the free version of Revo will only display and uninstall 32-bit applications under a 64-bit version of Windows. This is ridiculous. Finally, Revo is often overzealous in its scans and will often list critical files or drivers to delete when uninstalling something tangentially related.

IObit Uninstaller has the advantage with each of those points. The only version is free, and updated with reasonable frequency. It displays all applications installed through an installation script, and will uninstall 64 and 32 bit apps. And its scans only lack the files that it shouldn't be prompting to delete, so it doesn't fall behind Revo in this department either.

Additionally, IObit Uninstaller is a stand alone binary executable. It runs just from the .exe file and doesn't require installation. It is also smaller than Revo. If you think about it, it's somewhat ironic for an uninstaller to need to be uninstalled, but with the standalone nature of IObit, if you like it you can use it to uninstall Revo! And if not, just delete the .exe file!

One downside is that IObit Uninstaller seems to have a buggy method of retrieving/estimating the size of installed programs. I am fairly certain some of my programs are not 1TB, especially since they are on a 128GB drive! Though for the most part it is accurate.


Batch uninstall, program selection tabs key features

Positive Review by Seth
about IObit Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller Oct 2012

I briefly tried the free Revo Uninstaller and while it's a good product, the lack of a batch uninstall mode and subsequent amount of clicking required sent me looking for alternatives.

IObit Uninstaller fills the bill nicely, the program has a much cleaner interface and I really like the program selection tabs on the left that instantly highlight groups of apps such as "large programs", "recently installed" etc.

I also like the fact that is it a simple executable that you just run, no installation needed. I think this app is going to become a standard part of my technician toolkit for cleaning up Windows PCs.