InvGate Service Desk Reviews

Great option for your IT service processes

Positive Review by bpaulam
about InvGate Service Desk Jan 2016

We are using Service Desk for almost 4 years. With Service Desk we manage all our IT service processes tracking issues and incidents of 1000 users with 25 technicians and supervisors including.
What we really like of Service Desk is that you can completely and easily customize your IT support process with forms, fields and workflows and create your own reports


This is REAL easy-to-use

Positive Review by LeeGary
about InvGate Service Desk Jan 2016

InvGate Service Desk manage to transform complex processes into simple and nice interface. The adoption of the software by my mates was incredibly quick.
The reports and analytics are awesome and most of all are meaningful!


Friendly and easy

Review by jorgejarena
about InvGate Service Desk Jan 2016

Invgate is based on solials networks. Is has a user friendly interface.
A vendor is very aware to de customer needs

The support is more faster than other customer supporte whith i work in the past


friendly easy accurate

Positive Review by natanaelemanuelpojila
about InvGate Service Desk Jan 2016

Friendly desing, easy to work with.
Simply and accurate Interface.
The vendor is aware about the cutomer needs.

I havent found anything I did not like me. the experience with the product has been succesful, friendly, easy, and give me the proper way to interact with the users in a very short time and effective


It's the best solution to service desk!

Positive Review by GabrielA
about InvGate Service Desk Jan 2016

The best?

The simplicity at implementation/configuration, the easy way to use and deploy at the Enterprise.

I dislike... when someone closes the ticket, automatically deallocate them as a collaborator.

The product upgrade the IT image in the company offering better answer' times, giving better interaction with the users. The response times and the quality of them.


Excelente Herramienta

Positive Review by josehuenuman
about InvGate Service Desk Aug 2015

Llevamos casi un año con Invgate y hemos mejorado notablemente la atención de nuestros clientes, hemos podido hacer seguimiento de los tickets y comparar la atención de cada uno de los agentes, sus informes forman parte de los entregables a la gerencia. Es una herramienta sumante fácil de configurar y administrar.


One of the best!

Positive Review by Martinez75
about InvGate Service Desk Aug 2015

We have been using INVGATE Solutions for the last year, and we are really happy with the results, not only for our company, but also for our clients. We were able to create our own workflows and business rules in no time
It´s simple, it´s flexible, it´s the new way to help people in every organization.
It´s how a Software Solution should be.


Simple and very easy to use.

Positive Review by Psalas
about InvGate Service Desk Aug 2015

This product is a very powerful tool for managing incidents and requirements, with easy and intuitive capabilities. It is possible to build a service catalog to meet "IT requirements" and "non-IT requirements" and automate workflows, tasks and reports.
It is aimed at mid range companies with excellent performance and price.
As a expert in ITSM area i recommend this product.