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Way better than Feedly, also here's why its better and how to organize it

Positive Review by Kagerjay
about Inoreader 6 days ago

I used feedly for about 2 years with a premium subscription

I tossed it out for a premium membership through inoreader (highest tier)

Worth every penny.

Here's why its better:

Mobile app

is actually pretty good as a standalone. Granted there is no widget as of june 2017, feedlys widgets better still

Total feeds

Feedly only gets the most recent feeds and doesn't have setting to peruse all articles on a blog. This sucks for me because I find some interesting youtube pages or sites and want to see all content, not just new ones


Inoreader is basically how youtube's UI should be. So I put all my youtube subscriptions here. There's a chrome extension. Download it. Go to the youtube homepage (click the youtube user) ? click chrome extension ? add ? there you go, you have a youtube subscription now in inoreader

this is very helpful when you want to browse all content that a youtuber has created, even quicker than that of youtube itself

Rules formatting

You can specify certain filters on what items do and don't get through in inoreader. Keyword searches, body texts, etc. Its kind of like email filter settings + RSS. I personally don't use it, but its an option. In the example video I link below, they used it to search the latest tips about SEO across all blogs. I have no use case for this but those are my 0.02

how I organize it:

Basically this is how i organize inoreader. Seperate things by youtube videos + blog sites first.

On your homepage, use following settings ( in order)

  1. HOME PAGE: Slow good content (KurzGesagt, Tom scott, Primitive Technology, smarterEveryDay, Mark Rober, CGPgrey, etc) from youtube. Lump these all together, each video made here they spent like 20+ hours so spending 5 minutes watching it is worth it

  2. Youtube only feeds (so you can see the image preview

  3. Blog only feeds by category

Example of homepage setup:

![enter image description here]( "enter image title here")

other helpful resources

There aren't many comparisons b/w inoreader VS feedly(most used RSS reader), but this one is the one that convinced me .

Its a good starting point to figure out how to set up your inoreader

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Great RSS reader

Positive Review by mordythlint
about Inoreader Nov 2016

Great tool for managing and reading RSS feeds. Great replacement for the old google RSS reader that was out there. Simple to setup and start using, but with many power user features as well.


Inoreader is simple but powerful

Positive Review by jasoncomely
about Inoreader Apr 2016

I've tried many different rss readers, including Feedly, but Inoreader is the most straight-forward and configurable. The new Android app is excellent, and like the desktop app, it's very user-friendly.


almost perfect

Review by s0me0ne
about Inoreader Dec 2013

It is good, but it wont load images for feeds from sites like smashing magazine for some reason. That was enough for me to stop using it, I dont want to have to visit the site to read every post, back to netvibes



Positive Review by usertwre
about Inoreader Dec 2013

great rss reader.
especially when adding rss feed and the search ability as free option


Almost perfect but ....

Review by IoanCiprian
about Inoreader Oct 2013

I gave 5 stars for months until one day I did a comparison test against Feedly. I searched for CLIMATE DEPOT feed. Feedly gave the results I expected and INOREADER found only "green" feeds. I was so disappointed .... So I had to say goodbye to INOREADER. Maybe they will improve their search algorithm. Good reader overall except the biased search results.


The Best So Far!

Positive Review by essiecab
about Inoreader Oct 2013

I had been using Feedly for a few months, but after encountering a couple of problems and getting no response from their forums or service, I tried out InoReader. So glad I did! It literally has everything that I could want in an RSS reader, including being able to switch off refreshing on individual feeds, and in the past month or so that I've used it, I've never had a single problem with it.

I would give this the highest rating and highly recommend you try it out!



Positive Review by locust
about Inoreader and Google Reader Aug 2013

I was searching a long time for a really good alternative to Google Reader. I first tried out The Old Reader, but they had a lot of server issues and loading problems lately. So I switched to InoReader and I'm still very impressed about the great performance and the massive features that come with this feed reader. And on top of that it's completely free! The only thing I'm currently missing are mobile apps, basically on Windows Phone, to synchronize my feeds. Beside that you get a very good and fast feed reader for your daily habits - you should really give this application a try!



Positive Review by athralsatar
about Inoreader Aug 2013

I was one of those people who used google reader every day, even though I only followed about 6 feeds. I was sad when it was going, and searched for alternatives. inoreader is my favorite of all the ones I've tried, as it supports keyboard shortcuts, has a nice clean interface, and simply does everything google reader did for me. They even have a mobile version if I'm on my phone (I haven't looked for an app.) and a chrome extension to tell me how many unread articles I have.

If you're lost in this post google reader world, look here first!


You can not define individual search expressions

Negative Review by em4020
about Inoreader and Google Alerts Aug 2013

You can only define a news-URL not individual search expressions for defining news for you.
Because of the very important feature to define individual search expressions I prefer Google Alerts.
So I have my individual newspaper.


Inoreader by far the best reader out there

Positive Review by denavail3
about Inoreader and Google Reader Aug 2013

I tried at least a dozen feed readers looking for a replacement to Google Reader. Inoreader is BY FAR the best. Already better than Google Reader was in a number of ways, and continuously improving.

I am very happy with the look, feel, functionality, and speed of Inoreader. Also importantly to me:

  • It has many options for how you can view and navigate your feeds.

  • It makes great use of horizontal and vertical space (so many potential GR replacement don't!).

  • It was already feature rich when I started using it several weeks ago. In the meantime many new features have been added that enhance the experience.

  • Although I usually read my feeds on my laptop, I have used the mobile version and it also seems to work extremely well.

  • The developers have been open and transparent to an impressive degree. And they've been highly responsive to feature requests and have been quick to address bugs.

I had started to despair of finding anything close to the Google Reader experience (which wasn't perfect by any means, but was familiar, fast, and reliable). I couldn't be happier that I kept looking and can now settle firmly on Inoreader.


It allows you to search inside your feeds

Positive Review by Tiziano
about Inoreader Jul 2013

AFAIK Inoreader is the only free Google Reader alternative that allows you to search inside your feeds.


Best G-Reader replacement

Positive Review by katvonclawswits
about Inoreader Jul 2013

As soon as Google announced the impending retirement of G-Reader, I started testing different RSS feed readers. After trying 4 different high profile readers and not finding satisfaction, I searched and found Ino-Reader. My quest is over.


Very well done!

Positive Review by yonnage
about Inoreader Jul 2013

I don't know why InoReader hasn't gotten as much publicity as some as these other Google Reader alternatives, but it should.

The interface is very familiar if you're coming form Google, but improved and more functional. Articles seem to update a lot quicker then most of the alternatives, and the web app is generally very responsive. The developer is actively working on it and making improvements.

Mobile support needs to be improved, but I believe it's worth waiting for. It's definitely worth a try.