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Review by gennaro397
about Inky May 2016

excellent work done. so far the best I triedçeasy to GUI.however enhancement of run-time and adding e-mail notifications/pop-ups.should be considered by the developers. anyway, highly recommended to every e-mail user. Congrats and Grazie...............


Secure account my @$$ -1 Helpful

Negative Review by User1455405
about Inky Jul 2013

If I knew Inky stores my password on their server I wouldn't download it in the first place. They call their account secure but the whole scheme is utterly ridiculous. At least one of my accounts is used to reset passwords to a lot of other services, why on Earth would I trust it to a third party, even encrypted?


Email password is saved on THEIR server -1 Helpful

Negative Review by nandayo
about Inky Mar 2013

Email password is saved in their server, their website says. "Encrypted" but still saved. No-go for me.

Are my email passwords stored on Inky's servers? Inky connects to your email providers and processes your mail on your machine. Your email data never passes through our servers. Inky stores your email passwords encrypted on our servers, but the decryption key is your Inky password. This means that no one -- not even Inky employees -- can access your data without knowing your password. This also means that you can have one Inky account for multiple computers because your information is transfered encrypted through the cloud.