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Invest in Illustrator

Negative Review by aliciavallario about Inkscape Oct 2015

I downloaded this application on two separate occasions and on two different machines. The first was on my personal Mac to see how the freeware compared to Illustrator. When it bugged out on my Mac I assumed it was because I was using a roundabout way to get it to run and that was the problem. Fast forward to over a year later and I downloaded it again on a PC for work related projects. Turns out my original assumption was incorrect and this program is buggy all the way through.

The interface looks outdated
Handling is terrible
Guides don't lock
Objects don't snap
Crashes all the time
The layers feature is a pain to navigate

are just a few among a number of problems with this software. I worked with it for 3 months and was never able to over come these issues. If its just a learning curve its a big one.

It's impossible to get the professional quality work from this application that you can get with Illustrator. If you need a vector program for work or school, its no contest. Save yourself time and headache. Invest in illustrator.