Inbox by Gmail Reviews

Fantastic idea, but...

Positive Review by dinosw
about Inbox by Gmail and Gmelius Nov 2015

I really like Inbox by Gmail.
But it lacks some features, most of which are easily fixed by these 2 chrome extensions:
[Gmelius for Inbox by Gmail]( )
[Actions for Gmail]( )

Inbox by Gmail, does feature several fantastic elements to emailing, but is lacking the following:
- Ability to Drag & Drop emails
- The folder pane to the left, is far too long (which can be fixed by the above mentioned extensions).
- Needs way better task management (I use the [Todoist chrome extension for Inbox]( ) myself)

At the very top of my head, that was all, that I could think of.
But all in all, a very easy to use emailing experience.


Perfect mail app!

Positive Review by ivicastepi
about Inbox by Gmail Oct 2015

Love it!