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Imo instant messenger is a web-based service with group and voice chat functionality. Features * Group Chat * Voice Messages * Searchable Chat History * Simultaneous Sessions * Desktop Notifications * Contact Aliases * Profile Picture * Blocking * Privacy Preferences * Contact List Search * Display Contact Icons * Keyboard Shortcuts

Alternative names for Imo: imo.im


iPhone, iPad, Android + Tablet, Google Chrome, Online, Kindle Fire



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    Freemium by Nimbuzz |
    Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Windows Phone, Android + Tablet, Google Chrome, Online
    +6 more Java Mobile, Symbian S60, HP webOS, Blackberry, Google Chrome, Kindle Fire

    Nimbuzz offers limited-availablility-free-calls- and limited-availability-free-text messaging for users via 3G and WiFi. Calls to other nimbuzz users are free. PAY to call mobile or landline phones for as...

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    Free by ICQ |
    iPhone, iPad, Windows, Windows Phone, Android + Tablet, Online
    +4 more Windows Mobile, Java Mobile, Symbian S60, Blackberry

    ICQ is one of the oldest instant messengers. First developed by the Israeli company Mirabilis, sold to AOL, sold again and currenly owned by the Russian "mail.ru" group (known for one of the largest...

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    Free* by Palringo Limited |
    Mac, iPhone, Windows, Windows Mobile, Android, Java Mobile, Symbian S60, Blackberry

    Palringo is the lightweight Instant Messaging client for desktop computers. Express yourself in chat with emoticons and smileys to show your friends how you’re feeling. Send voice messages at the click of a...

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    Free |
    Java Mobile

    ShMessenger Mobile is a free instant messaging client for mobile phones, which supports YMSG (Yahoo!), MSN and GTalk protocols. In just a few minutes, you can chat with your friends on Yahoo!, MSN or GTalk...

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