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No need for an update doesn't make it dead

Positive Review by lostinlodos
about ImgBurn May 2017

There's no reason to update it.
It supports all current and past optical drives.
It supports all optical media current and past. Including laser active, HD-DVD and gdrom (double data CD-R), bluray from single to quad layer, bdrw, DVD-ram. There's really no need for an update until some new media method comes out.

It uses the media's ID to see what the disc is and will support; then looks for the toc to see if there's anything on it. Burns to any and every blank laser media ever made.
I wouldn't expect an update until 12K BD media comes out, or one of the holographic medias.


ZERO stars

Negative Review by commenting
about ImgBurn and InfraRecorder Jun 2012

installation wrapper contains malware, opencandy, and installs a variety of malware if the naive users fails to "opt" out.



I really like that it's free, but I cant seem to drag/drop ...

Review by highwaykind
about ImgBurn and Nero Burning ROM, InfraRecorder Jun 2011

I really like that it's free, but I can't seem to drag/drop files into a compilation (have to click a bunch of buttons first), nor can I quick-erase a DVD+RW (I can only full erase, which takes ages. I guess my TTSCorp cheap drive is not supported?).

So back to Infrarecorder it is, much better interface (drag drop) and a working quick erase option.
Even though that has the big disadvantage of burning slower...

Nero combines speed with quick erase and the easy interface, but even then it's really not worth the current 50 euro they're asking. I'd rather wait 10 more minutes per disk.