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Console-based utility for migrating IMAP mailboxes. imapsync software is a command line tool allowing incremental and recursive imap transfers from one mailbox to another, both anywhere on the internet or in your local network. imapsync is useful for imap account migration or imap account backup. imapsync is not adequate for maintaining two active imap accounts in synchronization where the user plays independently on both sides. The Perl imapsync source code will run anywhere a... More info »


MacRequires a Perl interpreter to compile the Perl imapsync source code., WindowsRequires a Perl interpreter (like cygwin) to compile the Perl imapsync source code., LinuxRequires a Perl interpreter to compile the Perl imapsync source code.

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Comment by aseques about imapsync Feb 2012

This software is in fact opensource, but the source only can be obtained along a payment. Until version 1.252-1 it was freely available and could even be installed on debian (http://packages.debian.org/lenny/imapsync) since then the author changed the way he distributes the source.