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A shared whiteboard for use by multiple Skype-users simultaneously. Features Instant collaboration Everything you draw or write is visible to all participants in real time. Share ideas just like you were in the same room. Unlimited participants IDroo supports an unlimited number of meeting participants. The only limitations are computing power and internet connection speed. Tools for math tutoring You can easily teach math to a student or to your own child remotely with... More info »

Are you the developer or publisher of IDroo and want to promote it on your webpage or blog then you are welcome to use one of the widgets listed below. The widget displays the total amount of "likes" that your application has on AlternativeTo at the moment. It also has a direct link to the application page on AlternativeTo so your users can go there to help you promote IDroo by liking it and posting comments.

Just copy the code right next to the widget you want to use and paste in on your website or blog. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve the widgets just send us an e-mail at hello@alternativeto.net .