IdeaTorrent Reviews

Dead project

Negative Review by Sharif
about IdeaTorrent Mar 2014

It's a dead project, no longer has improvment and website is down.


Tried installing on Drupal 5 and 6 and failed

Review by elecnix
about IdeaTorrent Jan 2013

On Drupal 5, I installed it but got many deprecation warnings displayed on the web interface. On Drupal 6 the warnings were gone, but even if I added all required permissions to the role, I couldn't add ideas.

After searching the code, I found I can add ideas by going to /ideatorrent/submit and it works. But if you have moved ideatorrent to the root of the Drupal install, as suggested, then /submit won't work - only /ideatorrent/submit works.

There are very rough edges. The development has come to a stall, so don't expect much support for now.