Alternatives to Iconoclasm for all platforms with any license




  • Five Icon Dock

    Tweaks the dock of your jailbroken iPhone so that it can fit five icons instead of four. This app is available in the Cydia app store (jailbroken iOS devices only).

    Free iPhone iPad

  • Springtomize icon


    Springtomize gives you an all-in-one settings page for tweaking the homescreen the homescreen of your jailbroken iPhone. You can disable elements you don't use, or customize the look of the icons, the dock, the folders, the status...

    Commercial iPhone iPad

  • Infinidock icon


    Infinidock is the ultimate dock customization tool for jailbroken iOS devices. You can add an unlimited number of icons, or however many you want to each page, and the dock will grow to accommodate them. This app is available in...

    Commercial iPhone iPad

  • Infiniboard icon


    Vertically scroll your home screen pages! Infiniboard lets you add as many icons as you want to each page of your jailbroken iPhone, and access them through a flick up and down. Many settings provide full customization - and...

    Commercial iPhone iPad

  • Six Icon Dock

    This tweak allows you to have 6 icons in the dock of your jailbroken iPhone. NOTE: It will not work if you have Five Icon Dock installed (it's ether or). This app is available in the Cydia app store (jailbroken iOS devices...

    Free iPhone

  • Gridlock

    Gridlock is a powerful tweak that allows you to arrange your icons however you would like, with drag and drop simplicity. Rather than having your icons shift always in a certain direction, Gridlock puts you in control. You can drag...

    Commercial iPhone

Iconoclasm Comments

Obviously, Iconoclasm is most impressive on the iPad, but i ...

Comment by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Iconoclasm Jun 2011

Obviously, Iconoclasm is most impressive on the iPad, but it's very useful for the iPhone too. If you're going to use it on your iPhone, try it with Shrink- otherwise, your homescreen gets a bit crowded.