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Hopedot-VOS is a virtual operating system that allows you to run applications and perform tasks without affecting your local Windows operating system. If you install Hopedot VOS in a USB flash drive, you can take your own operating system with applications and data to any PC anywhere. Just imagine you are at a cybercafe and want to access your familiar desktop, browsers, applications and personal information, what you need the most is a Hopedot VOS enabled USB flash drive. With Hopedot VOS, you... More info »

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I like the idea of Hopedot VOS to take personal own operating system on a USB drive to any desktops or laptops using Windows operating system. Finally, I don’t have to sitting at a public PC and feel awkward using unfamiliar applications. If I install VOS in local disk of my home PC, I can run two operating systems at the same time without any inconvenience. That goes much further than just using the portable applications on USB. And its portability feature differs from other virtualization software like VMware, which can only help create virtual PC locally.

Pros: It is quick-to-install and easy-to-use. Hopedot VOS enable users to create a virtual operating system similar to Windows OS. Besides the desktop interface, VOS allows to be changed into small window mode being seen on the host system interface. It not only supports portables applications on USB but also all kinds of standard software. The trial version is fully functional and can be used for 100 times. That is enough for us to try out all the features of VOS.

Cons: It can not be used on PC with Windows 64 bits system now.