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HoneyView image Viewer is now my default JPG files viewer

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I was looking for a light alternative to xnview to open JPG files. Based on comments on this site i narrowed it down to Nexusimage viewer and HoneyView image Viewer. In the end i chose HoneyView for the reasons stated below, but i suggest you try them both out as both of these programs are magnificent.

Pros: Multi-Monitor Support. Keyboard shortcuts. Saves recent folder path BUT NOT last opened image. Remembers Last window size. Supports Scrolling Next, Previous image with mouse. Supports Spacebar & Backspace to view Next, Previouis image, Supports Dragging of image files unto its window, Supports FULL ZOOM: Win+ Win-- OR Num +, Num --, Num *. Option to Show in Windows Explorer. Able to open multiple instances. Uses very little system resources. It was very stable on my system. I have Windows XP SP3.

Cons: No Thumbnails View but this is not a big deal for me.