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Highway Pursuit is a computer game remake of Spy Hunter created by Adam Dawes in association with...

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Highway Pursuit is a computer game remake of Spy Hunter created by Adam Dawes in association with Retrospec, initially released in 2003. Highway Pursuit puts players in control of a powerful sports car, in a world filled with enemy agents, seeking to take control of the road. Their mission is to destroy as many of these enemy agents as possible, without putting any civilian life at risk. Along the way, players will encounter varied terrain and weather conditions, a number of different enemy vehicles intent on their destruction, and also a few helpful pointers from their colleague, Ashley, back at HQ.GameplayThe player's carThe player's car is equipped with a front-mounted machine gun, which is their main weapon for use against enemy cars. It has unlimited ammunition, but they should be careful not to hit any civilian vehicles when firing. Their car is also capable of being upgraded with a number of add-on weapons (see below). Additional weapons that are fitted will be displayed as a glowing icon at the bottom left of their screen.In the bottom right of the screen is a speedometer that displays how fast the car is currently moving. Immediately above this is a health display (a red heart icon). As the car sustains damage, its health will slowly deplete. When it runs out, the car explodes and the player loses a life. Health recharges very slowly over time as they drive along. A small health boost is also given for docking with any weapons van, and a larger boost for docking with the yellow and black repair van. These are not very common, but not as rare as the life van. More Info »



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