HexChat Reviews

Best IRC client!

Positive Review by Shigure
about HexChat Oct 2015

I use it in Linux Mint and I haven't been disappointed by it. It has options like word highlighting, user name highlighting etc. The overall look is also good. It can also be minimized to tray.

![Hexchat linux mint](http://community.linuxmint.com/img/screenshots/hexchat.png )


A good start, but has issues.

Review by fredd
about HexChat Feb 2015

I've used xchat2, the silverex build, the "official" build.. this is the best build for windows so far. But, it still has TONS of bugs (current git count is around 200) and the devs can barely keep up with "urgent security updates" much less making config files consistently read and write well.

The scripting APIs are good. There's a big library of scripts out there, also good. There's spellcheck.

But it's soooo buggy. Internet connection having issues? Crashes. SSL problems? Crashes. (it still doesn't do good SSL!) connected to a bouncer? Crashes.

It's not perfect. It's okay.