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HelloSpy is a background smartphone application that records and logs SMS messages, Call history, GPS location, Website visited, Listen targets surrounding sounds, Whatsapp logs, Picture logs Future: Emails, Keylogs, Call Intercepted and more. You can use HelloSpy to: monitor your employees; catch a cheating spouse; monitor your kids 24/7; back-up your phone information; bug the surroundings; get GPS location and find your lost phone.

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The target smartphone must be set to allow the installation of non-Market apps Download and install HelloSPY on Android

HelloSPY download links:

For Android 2.x:

For Android 4.x:

Link Download User Guide: Click Here

Attention: HelloSPY version for Android OS smartphone

has not supported features Auto Answer and Remote Uninstall yet.

  1. Download and Install HelloSpy

Not sure what is current Android version? Go to: Settings > About phone

Attention: Your phone must have an internet connection to download the file.

Activate your browser, type the HelloSpy apk URL

spyware on android

The installation screen will appear and you can follow setup wizard to install HelloSpy.

  1. Register your device with HelloSpy and start spying

Attention: After log in sucessful, don’t forget to restart target device to hide HelloSpy icon on target phone.

Dial #8888* to call HelloSpy UI

HelloSPY - best spyware to track cell phone

Register an account if you are new to HelloSpy

hellospy app

Login to an existing one

cell phone tracker

Click Login

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After all I searches online about for the best spy software, HelloSpy is the most secure and the cheapest Spy application for android.


Mobile spy also works on iPhone. It works pretty good.


4 things you must care before to choose a spy software for cell phone :

1) the spyware is invisible on the cell phone after installation ? 99% are not invisible like the sellers announce on there website. Check this link :

2) how much is the cost and can you test on your phone before to buy. its easy to spend money but difficult to ask to refund money back.

3) does the software contain too much features and can slow down very quick the battery of the phone you plan to spy. (listen live conversation, capture picture, record calling... is only to attractive customers to buy but not useful because it kill the battery). If the people you spy discover his battery slow down too fast he will reset his phone and at the same time will delete the spyware you just installed.

4) Never use a software when you cannot know who is the owner of the website . They are some spy wares became a virus , trojan in 2013 like (copy9, hellospy, riospy) . They offer 48H free to attractive users. After you install on your phone, the virus can execute some calling or send sms from your phone without you know. (check your cellular billing every month). When you try to uninstall the spyware, you cannot and it still continue to run. Only one way to delete the virus is to reset your phone or (jailbreak again with an idevice)

In 2013, the best solution Safety and 100% FREE is at WWW.BOSSPY.COM


Innovaspy is the best spy software for smartphone running Android OS. It is running very well on IOS4,5,6. Sign up an account at to use full function for free. New version for Android support Viber & Whatsapp. You can use new version with 5 days for free.


Warning !!! hellospy spyware is not invisible after you install on a cellphone. the seller lie on their website. Their app is NOT 100% invisible. Visit this link for more infos

Better to use a FREEWARE application really invisible to spy an iPhone, ipad, ipod or android phone.

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I love this program HelloSpy it is working great and helping me monitor all the text messages from the monitored phone. I am trying to prevent pornography from getting to my childs phone.


Thanks for the information here, really?I don't trust free app, I would rather pay a little for android spy app like HelloSpy, it's safe and reliable. I know HelloSpy for a long time, i've been using this application for almost a year the customer service is very supportive and responded all my queries regarding the installation. Thanks to HelloSpy makes my life easier.


well, I prefer to choose ikeymonitor. It works perfect on iPhone.


ikeymonitor spyware is not invisible after installation a cell phone. Check here:

DONT GET CAUGHT by people you plan to spy.