HashCheck Shell Extension Reviews

NOW updated! v2.4 as of 090716 now has SHA-256 and many more

Positive Review by Ciefish
about HashCheck Shell Extension Dec 2016

Site newb here, 1st post. Sorry for a bit of title shouting but previous reviews are now not as current. See the GitHub (more towards pg bottom for windows) for this handy utility, now updated to v2.4 as of Sept 7, 2016. Still small footprint, still seamless integration into Windows shell adds "Checksums" tab to file Properties page. Copy/Pasta hash from site into Find box, press find and successful hash match will highlight. Multiple file speed is improved. YMMV, I'm on Win7SP1 patched, so I can't comment Win8/10. I grabbed IfranView64 off their website, bounced to Downloads.net and verified my files quite easily.


Only a few supported hash function

Negative Review by igenn
about HashCheck Shell Extension and Fsum Frontend Jun 2016

It should support sha2 (256,384,512) .
It makes this software only to this category: "meh' forget it... a joke"

Try this one:
Fsum Frontend


Probably the best checksum utility for Windows

Positive Review by Atoshi
about HashCheck Shell Extension Dec 2015

Biggest upside of this tool is the fact it's integrated with shell, since such a basic functionality should be instantly accessible with seamless feel, and HashCheck does the job perfectly. Also being open source is a huge plus.


Almost perfect.

Review by avert
about HashCheck Shell Extension Mar 2015

Easy to use. fast. open source. Almost perfect. I wish it supported SHA-512.


Very useful

Positive Review by ertpresso
about HashCheck Shell Extension Dec 2012

Open source, free, user-friendly, practical, useful, lightweight... I strongly recommend this application.