HaoZip Reviews

Latest version is 5.9.3

Review by ShaManiac256
about HaoZip May 2017

Latest version is 5.9.3, but without any translation, even no english.
Still, there are not-official translations, and i can say latest HaoZip is really fast, has clean UI, etc. What ruins all is that non-official translations are not good


Haozip is Awesome, at last some archiver that feels good, thanx Japan <3

Positive Review by matthieusimard
about HaoZip and 7-Zip, PeaZip, IZArc Dec 2014

I downloaded the english version by googling haozip english, simply... Really quick to install and set and it offers some very awesome features... I'm very thankful

(Hey? is this a forum message or a software comment? isn't obvious)


Great archiver, definitely recommended

Positive Review by shnbwmn
about HaoZip Jun 2014

I've used this for probably over 2 years now and it is just great. I've had WinRAR, 7-Zip, PeaZIP, etc in the past, and they all have their merits, but I've found HaoZIP to be fast, efficient, unobtrusive and just really great to use. It scans archives when you open them and includes little utilities (eg, image viewer, MD5 checksum, virtual disk, hardware benchmark) that, while being not so useful to me, might be what another user needs.

The only "con" I could say would be that this program comes from China, and therefore that might put some people off. But let me assure you that there are no Chinese characters in the English version and no terribly noticeable translation errors. If the name wasn't so obvious and you knew nothing of this, you'd probably think it's just another "Western" archiver.

But yeah, go ahead and give this program a shot.


Yea haozip is great compared to winrar

Positive Review by xbobtheprogram
about HaoZip and WinRAR Jul 2012

I had winrar, but because I was running out of space on my drive I uninstalled it and installed haozip. It does everything but better (and that popup doesnt appear :P )


Great alternative to WinRAR

Positive Review by sfaisal2005
about HaoZip and WinRAR Mar 2012

HaoZip is a great freeware alternative to commercial archiver WinRAR. It's interface and features are very much similar to WinRAR, because of which one will find it very easy to move from WinRAR to HaoZip. Like WinRAR it has a powerful self extracting archive creator. HaoZip also comes with some handy tools like image viewer, image converter, md5 checksum calculator, batch renamer etc.