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Finally some honest video convertor

Positive Review by Urayamashi
about HandBrake Jul 2013

Maybe slow, but people like me wants quality and not fast CUDA powered crap. Compare video encoded on the same settings with CUDA acceleration and software encoding. You will see, or maybe not - and thats why is out there lot of video convertors with CUDA and big advertisement headlines: 100x faster with CUDA! Because people see no difference - mainly mainstream people. But there is difference. I can say, I had commercial video conversion software and I encoded video into standard MP4 with H.264 and AAC, you know the drill. And i wonder: "Why is file-size of encoded video so big and quality so low?" I used good settings, I know what I do, all was CUDA fault. With handbrake I feel power - power in my hands, and I have the option to configure x264 settings. Last thing - handbrake is 64-bit convertor. I love it. Yes, it has only output into mp4 or mkv, but hand on heart - who would in present want something else? AVI or MPEG2? History. Or maybe WMV? No way.