LogMeIn Hamachi Reviews

Internet crasher 1 Helpful

Negative Review by lukux
about LogMeIn Hamachi Jul 2016

Me and my buddy hamachi disguised as an Internet source, and without him ones are using when you want to uninstall it after cleaning the cache you have a big Problem- you must uninstall it from the command line .. I do not recommend it


A working virtual LAN 1 Helpful

Positive Review by nandayo
about LogMeIn Hamachi and Tunngle Apr 2013

All could be little easier, e.g. after installation a quick pop up with info about what ports should be opened... but it works. Ping always depends on the networks... for me it's excellent. Between 50ms and 70ms all the time so not much difference to my "real" ping. Tunngle is totally childish compared to Hamachi.


"Free" version is Crippleware 2 Helpful

Negative Review by Teo
about LogMeIn Hamachi Oct 2012

They have reduced the connection limit more than once, it has been at 5 for awhile now and I'm wondering how long before its 2. They have also deleted members off my network repeatedly because they suspected we were somehow bypassing the limit by connecting more than 1 VPN network.

And crippling the free edition will never drive me to buy the versions with features I don't want or need at pricing for corporate users, it just makes me look for a competing product to replace it.