GS RichCopy 360 Reviews

Well worth it 2 Helpful

Positive Review by lamosdob
about GS RichCopy 360 May 2015

We were migrating from Windows 2003 to 2012R2 servers. All migration tool are way overpriced. GSRichcopy360 was very affordable and did the job exceptionally. Our main issue was we could not find a way to copy long path (folders 260 characters and up), GS RichCopy 360 did it fine with no problems.

Certainly a great tool and worth every penny (or cent in case you are in USA).


GS RichCopy 360 Folder Copying Suite made with Multithreading Technology 1 Helpful

Positive Review by onewiseowl
about GS RichCopy 360 and Better Robocopy GUI, Robocopy Feb 2015

My experience with GuruSquad was a bit our of the norm. We purchased GS Richcopy 360 to backup our workstations (roughly 250 machines). Everything worked fine as expected but we wanted one feature that was minimal and not a lot of customers would use. I mentioned that to the sales guy as that it would have been perfect if it supported that feature too. I did not have any expectations. It was about a week later when the sales guy dropped me an email saying to upgrade to the lastest version as they built that feature in their latest release. I was really blown away that they actually listened to my request and delivered it in a week without us even requesting it as a feature request. I wish all software vendors aim to please their customers like that. Especially after they already collected their money. GuruSquad is really top of my list.


GS Rich Copy 360 suite for Locked and modified files easily to access without any prompt error

Positive Review by onewiseowl
about GS RichCopy 360 and Better Robocopy GUI, WinRoboCopy, Robocopy Jan 2015

I got assigned a project to find a way to keep our DR data in sync with prod.We had quite a few list of features that we needed due to the different servers we support. Of course as we searched more our list of requirements increased and it was very confusing. It came down to two and gsrichcopy 360 was what we finally chose. We sent an email to both, the gurusquad guys who made gsrichcopy responded within 30 minutes. The otherguys are yet to respond.


Very useful when copying open files like psts and quickbook files

Positive Review by basil2
about GS RichCopy 360 Jan 2015

We have been using gsrichcopy 360 for a while now and it is great when you want to backup your computer to the network or an external drive. it runs by itself to the scheduler and copies all the open files too which was very important in my case.


Great multithreading tool... works as advertized

Positive Review by salamsa75
about GS RichCopy 360 Nov 2014

We had to copy 4 million files and folders totaling about 9TBs with long file names. We could not find any tool that could do the copying unless we spent thousands of dollars.
GS Richcopy 360 did the job and did it very nicely. the multithreading built in really was a key factor as it used all the cores available plus the long path support.
I do not usually write reviews but this one was a must.