GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise Reviews

Superior for data replication over WAN

Review by jamesanderson
about GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise and GS RichCopy 360, Robocopy GUI, Robocopy Oct 2016

We are usually a robocopy shop. However, our latest data migration required a lot of attention and creating batch files or dealing with robocopy NTFS security bug was starting to really slow us down.

Our project on hand was to replicate data to our new data center which means possibly over 500 robocopy scripts (assuming there is one for each server. Robocopy was taking roughly 5 hours to compare differences of 750k files\folders as it had to travel across the WAN link to do the comparison. We tried several other solutions but GS RichCopy 360 enterprise had something that no one else offered, it had a small agent that we could load on the destination side (free license), this agent handled all the communcation and transfer from the client. This made it so the client on the source machine does not have to travel across the WAN to do the compare. The job that took 5 hours with robocopy went down to under 10 minutes with the gs richcopy 360 enterprise. This feature is only available in enterprise, it is not in standard.

Take advantage of the volume licensing in case you are doing multiple servers so you do not have to pay the full license price. it is not advertised on their website that such licensing is offered.

[Edited by jamesanderson, October 18]